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Welcome to your new website!
Thank you for visiting our Official website for the game in development 57 Years sign up for updates and a chance to win beta version free!!!!

Q and A 
Q: What is 57 Years about? 
A: its about 57 ears into the future a virus is released into the world by some dumbo trying to make a weapon out of it for money. then the virus infects everyone u know and love and you and a hand full of survivors much find this man and get him to cure this virus(not as easy as it sounds we are making sure of that) but what ever you do u must not get infected r u turn into a blood thirsty creature (not a vampire) that wants to eat everything insight.
Q: well that sounds interesting but i must ask when do u expect this game to be released to the public?
A: me and the game developers are hoping in the next 2 years we let alpha version out that all we can say thanks for the interview.
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